2024 Spring Allocation

CCC Spring Allocations 2024


Please note: Clubs are not required to participate in the Spring Allocation process, but for those who do choose to participate, all parts of the Spring Allocation timeline are mandatory.  Clubs who do not complete all of these steps may be ineligible for an allocation. 


March 5th: Spring Budget Training and Spring Allocation Budget Sheets available.

March 29th: Spring Budget Training quiz and Spring Allocation Budget Sheets due by 8 PM.

You must have completed the Spring Budget Training quiz and have emailed your completed budget sheet to your CCC Division with your club advisor cc'd on the email by this time in order to be eligible for Spring Allocation funding.

April 2nd-7th: CCC Divisions review club budget sheets independently and contact clubs with questions.

April 8th-14th: Clubs meet individually with their Division to discuss their budget sheet in-depth. 


The Spring 2024 Budget Sheet template is posted below, which you may download as an Excel file. You should at no point open this document using Google Sheets, as this will corrupt the intricate formulae within the sheet and make it impossible for us to accept it. Once you have completed your sheet, please name it SA24_Club Name.xlsx and follow all submission instructions as provided in the Spring Budget Training slide deck. 

2024 Spring Budget Sheet template

2024 Spring Budget Training slide deck


Where does CCC funding come from?

Every undergraduate student at Notre Dame pays a $95 activity fee every year as part of their tuition. The total pool of Student Activity Fees--plus a portion of the proceeds of The Shirt and the interest accrued on the Student Union Endowment--forms the yearly Student Union budget. Student Government uses 60% of this pool of funding, and the remaining 40% is appropriated to the CCC for club allocations. The CCC does not retain a single penny of this 40% for its own purposes, allocating the entirety to Notre Dame's 300+ undergraduate clubs.

Is my club required to apply for a Spring Allocation?

No, clubs are not required to apply for a Spring Allocation. Participation in the Spring Allocation process is optional; however, any club that does choose to request an allocation must complete all steps of the process or they may be disqualified from receiving a Spring Allocation. Please note that clubs who choose to not participate in the Spring Allocation process are ineligible to recieve CCC funding through appeals or Winter Reallocations throughout the 2024-2025 academic year.

Is my club eligible to apply for a Spring Allocation?

In order to receive funding from the CCC, clubs must have fulfilled a number of requirements throughout the past academic year:

  • Clubs must have fundraised 20% of their potential allocation amount throughout the year, and are not eligible to receive additional funding beyond this cap.
  • Clubs, with the exception of those in the Social Service Division, must have collected dues of $10 per person from at least 75% of the club's active members.
  • Clubs must have attended all Club Information Meetings (CIMs) and other mandatory CCC and SAO meetings.
  • Clubs must not be in debt; those that are currently in debt are completely barred from receiving an allocation from the CCC.

Will my club receive an allocation?

This depends on the situation of every club. Clubs that have not fundraised at all or collected any dues, for example, will be immediately disqualified from the Spring Allocation process, as this is not fair to clubs that have worked hard to raise money throughout the year in fundraising and dues payments.

During every year's Spring Allocation process, clubs consistently project that they will spend around $2,000,000 in total throughout the following academic year. The CCC does not possess even a quarter of this amount to allocate to Notre Dame's clubs, which means the CCC must be very strict in how it allocates all funding. Clubs must truly demonstrate a need for funding for their projected 2023-2024 events, in addition to their rollover balance, in order to qualify for an allocation.

Clubs with more than enough money in their account to cover their projected costs will not qualify for any funding, as Notre Dame is a non-profit institution. However, these clubs will remain eligible to apply at various points throughout next academic year when they truly do have a need for financial assistance. These clubs will receive detailed communication regarding the CCC's Winter Reallocation, Appeal Funds, and Loan Fund at a later date.

Can the CCC fund every event my club is planning to hold next year?

There are a number of restrictions that impact how the CCC can allocate funding. For example, the CCC is barred from funding club member merchandise and food for officer board meetings, and CCC members will completely eliminate these projected costs from club budget proposals. CCC members will also often cut down expenses related to airfare and lodging, as funding these costs would not constitute the highest and best use of the Student Activity Fee -- student tuition money. A full list of stipulations regarding CCC funding can be found in the CCC General Guidelines.

What happens if my club skips the individual club meeting with our division?

All clubs that do not sign up for an individual club meeting with your division, or miss this required hearing, will be completely disqualified from the Spring Allocation process.