2022 Spring Allocation

CCC Spring 2022 SBT Slides and Check-in Form

Below are our Spring Budget Training slides! Please be sure to complete the check-in and submit your budget sheet by 11:00 PM on March 25th to your division via the appropriate form.

SBT Slides

Check-in Form

Spring Allocation Budget Sheets

Please see below for the Spring 2022 Budget Sheet, which you may download as an Excel file. You should at no point open this document using Google Sheets, as this will corrupt the intricate formulae within the sheet and make it impossible for us to accept it! If you would like to share it, please email it, and if you wish to work collaboratively on it, please do so via screen-sharing in Zoom or a similar medium. We have a brief tutorial to help you fill out the Budget Sheet on a tab-by-tab basis.

Once you have completed your sheet, please name it SA22_Club Name.xlsx and submit it using your Division's Google Form, and be sure to schedule a meeting too. Meeting schedules and slots are linked below. 

Spring Allocation Budget Sheet

Spring Allocation Budget Sheet tutorial

Academic: Submit Budget · Schedule Meeting Athletic: Submit Budget · Schedule Meeting
Cultural: Submit Budget · Schedule Meeting Performing Arts: Submit Budget · Schedule Meeting
Social Service: Submit Budget · Schedule Meeting Special Interest: Submit Budget · Schedule Meeting