Additional Resources

Besides the various sources of CCC Funding available on our dedicated Appeals page and in our Spring Allocation and Winter Reallocation, there are additional resources that your club or individuals in your club could be eligible for.

Campus Ministry Co-Sponsorship

If your club plans to run an event that aligns with Campus Ministry's mission, you may be eligible for a co-sponsorship with Campus Ministry. Co-Sponsorships with Campus Ministry could allow your club to utilize the Campus Ministry logo, as well as monetary or promotional assistance.

Learn more about Campus Ministry Co-Sponsorships

Gender Relations Center Co-Sponsorship

If your club intends on running an event that aligns with the Gender Relations Center's mission, you may be eligible for a co-sponsorship with the GRC.

Learn more about GRC Co-Sponsorships

McWell Co-Sponsorships and Resources

The McDonald Center for Student Well-Being ("McWell") offers a number of resources for clubs and organizations hosting events that align with its mission, ranging from Co-Sponsorships to Mini-Grants.

Learn more about McWell's resources for clubs

MSPS Co-Sponsorships and Resources

The Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services offers a number of resources for clubs and organizations hosting events that promote multicultural diversity and inclusion, among other goals. 

Learn more about MSPS' resources for clubs

OSE Funding

The Office of Student Enrichment offers several options to under-resourced students as a part of their mission to promote economic inclusivity. The OSE maintains a Student Experience Fund, which can help eligible students pay for their club expenses (e.g. club dues).

Learn more about OSE's Student Experience Fund

Student Activities Office DICE Funding

The Student Activities Office's DICE (Dollars for Incentive & Creative Entertainment) Collaboration Funding is available to clubs that develop especially innovative and creative events.

Learn more about DICE Funding

Student Activities Office Financial Literacy For Student Groups

Below is the link to a presentation given by SAO in Fall 2021 as part of their Advanced Training and Leadership Academy for Students (ATLAS) covering topics relevant to clubs such as FOAPAL accounts, reimbursements, collection of funds, deposits, and many others. 

Click here to view SAO's Financial Literacy For Student Groups Presentation

Student Government Grants

From the Notre Dame Student Government:

"On behalf of Notre Dame Student Government, we strive to create a campus of inclusivity across all organizations, clubs, and activities. This academic year, we are happy to provide financial resources for our students and organizations to further their impact and connections on campus. Student organizations may apply for a one-time grant of up to $1,000 in hopes of using these funds to support goals of further involving the student body and further extending awareness of your organization's mission.

If you would like to apply for a grant on behalf of your student organization, please fill out the application linked here. It should be noted that these grants are versatile in their usage. Funds may be used to support an activity, create marketing materials, or any other idea that intends to aid in the success of your organization. All funds come directly from the Student Government budget. If you have any further questions about the application or details regarding the grant, please contact Ameena Jovonovich at or ND Student Government at"

Apply for a Student Government grant

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