About Us

Main Building At The University Of Notre Dame

The Club Coordination Council (CCC) of Notre Dame is a subdivision of the Notre Dame Student Government. The CCC is comprised of club members elected to oversee and represent all of the recognized undergraduate student clubs at Notre Dame.

In addition to representing the interests of all undergraduate clubs to Student Government and the Student Activities Office, the CCC also assists with:

  • Financing Clubs
  • Club Organization
  • Club Networking
  • Club Promoting

Our Mission

As the Club Coordination Council of Notre Dame, we strive to help undergraduate clubs achieve their objectives by:

  • Connecting clubs and club officers to resources to help them plan and runĀ events for the Notre Dame community,
  • Acting as a liaison between clubs and Student Affairs affiliates,
  • Allocating annual funding, appeals funding, and concession stands fairly, equitably, and according to club needs, and
  • Mentoring new clubs and new club leaders by assisting in their transition through Club Information Meetings and other advising opportunities.