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The CCC Guidelines are a series of documents that outline the CCC's expectations for clubs and for club behavior. It is highly recommended for clubs to read at least the General Guidelines.

General Guidelines

The CCC Guidelines can be downloaded below. The CCC Guidelines apply to all of the various divisions that form the Club Coordination Council, as well as the clubs represented by each division.

In order to ensure your allocation is not jeopardized in any way, please be sure to carefully read the Guidelines and ensure your club's behavior does not infringe on them.

CCC Guidelines

The current revision is dated 14 March 2022.

Division Guidelines

The CCC Division Guidelines can be downloaded below. The CCC Division Guidelines are Division-specific to each of the six CCC Divisions.

Academic Athletic
Cultural Performing Arts
Social Service Special Interest

New Club Probationary Terms

For New Club Probationary Terms please see below. The CCC probationary club system is designed to ensure that newly-minted clubs can become successful and sustainable in the long run: New clubs are immediately granted Probationary 1 status (P1), and their status is continually reviewed to ensure that a club is on track to continue enriching the Notre Dame community for many years to come. After review, P1 clubs can either be inducted as full clubs, receive a P2 status, or, if deemed inactive, inactive. P2 clubs can either become full clubs or be pronounced inactive.

The Terms below outline all of the CCC's expectations and requirements regarding clubs in P1 and P2 status. Probationary clubs are required to complete all of the items outlined on the checklist in the document below in order to be eligible to be inducted into full club status.

Probationary Terms

Social Media Policy

The CCC's social media policy outlines guidelines and expectations for clubs' social media usage. 

Social Media Policy

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