We understand that a lot of club management and administration can be difficult, especially for new officers.

As fellow club leaders and club representatives to student government, the Club Coordination Council and its members are dedicated to helping clubs and club leaders so that they can focus on their missions and initiatives.

Below are the answers to some of the most frequent questions we get. If you don't find an answer to your inquiry, or if you have any other business, please reach out to us!

Table of contents:

General Questions

I'm interested in starting a new student group. Where can I find more information?

You'll want to be begin by visiting the following page of the Student Activities Office, which details all the required steps.

What division does my club belong to?

 Please check the CCC Club Division Assignments document

How can I check how much my club has in its account?

You should contact your Division in order to request the financial status of your club. To that end, you can reach out via our Contact page. If you don't know your club's division, you can simply email ccc@nd.edu and we'll be happy to direct you to your club's division.

We would love for clubs and club leaders to be able to access their financial statements directly. Unfortunately, university policy prevents clubs from directly accessing their account information.

Where can I get my club's FOAPAL number?

You'll want to reach out to your club's division reps at one of their six emails (see Division Contact page). If you don't know your club's division, or are unsure about it, please reach out to CCC Exec at ccc@nd.edu and we will forward your request to your division!

What's the difference between you and SAO?

The Club Coordination Council is a branch of the Notre Dame Student Government, while the Student Activities Office is a branch of the University's administration. When it comes to clubs, we have similar missions -- to help clubs succeed -- and we frequently work together to that end.

Where are my club's mailboxes?

Club mailboxes are all located in the Club Resource Center, on the 3rd floor of LaFun! Be sure to check them often: You could have checks to be cashed or bills to be paid just sitting there.


What are the different kinds of appeals my club can present to the CCC?

As detailed in our Appeal Forms page, the CCC offers Contingency, Collaboration, and FMB Collaboration appeals.

When should I submit an appeal?

If you need funds for a specific date, you should submit an appeal at least 2 weeks (10 business days) before an event in order for the CCC to hear the appeal in time. Since FMB Collaboration appeals also have to be approved by the Financial Management Board, it is recommended those appeals be submitted even earlier.

What are the steps required to submit an appeal?

To file an appeal, download the appropriate appeal request, fill out the request form, obtain your advisor's signature, deliver the form to the CCC office (314 LaFortune), and e-mail your division to set up an interview. If you don't know what your club's division is, email CCC Exec at ccc@nd.edu to be linked with the appropriate division.

Spring Allocation

Does my club have to fill out a budget sheet and participate in Spring Allocations?

The CCC highly recommends that all clubs fill out a budget sheet for Spring Allocations in order to be eligible to receive additional CCC funding for the next school year such as Appeals, which help cover unexpected expenses. With that being said, the decision is still completely up to your club's discretion. Probationary clubs are required to submit a budget sheet according to the CCC's Probationary Club Terms.

What meetings should I attend to be prepared for Spring Allocation?

It's essential for you to attend the Club Information Meetings in both Fall and Spring, and to attend the Spring Budget meeting. 

I need help filling out the Spring Allocations process or the Budget Sheet. Who should I contact?

You should contact your division (whose email you can find in the Contact page in our navigation) for any assistance in this matter. If you don't know your division, or are unsure about it, contact CCC Exec at ccc@nd.edu.

Concession Stands

How can I get a concession stand for my club?

We usually allocate our concession stands for clubs as a part of the Spring Allocation process. However, the CCC also maintains a waitlist of clubs who were not able to secure a concession stand in case a club allocated a concession stand pulls out of the process. Please contact your division reps or CCC Exec in order to be considered for the waitlist.

If your organization is not a club, the CCC is not responsible for allocating you a concession stand. Please see this link for more information on concession stands.

My club has been allocated a concession stand. What now?

Once the CCC has allocated a concession stand for your club, SAO will guide you through the rest of the process. Please consult them or their website for more information. Generally, they will require some form of training for those running the stand (especially for those preparing and handling food) so be sure to contact them in a timely fashion! If you're handling food (you probably are), you should also check in with Risk Management.

My club is unable to or does not want to run its assigned concession stand anymore. What should we do?

Please let us know as soon as possible, preferably at least 2 weeks before your concession stand is due. If you pull out of running your concession stand without notifying us promptly, your club could be penalized by us and SAO, who will not allow you to run a concession stand the following year.