Clubs are placed into one of six divisions based on their purpose and mission. A division represents the interests of clubs that share similar goals or interests. Each division has up to 6 representatives to the CCC. One of these representatives serves as a Division Chair. When the divisions are not full, the CCC can conduct a recruitment process by which divisions can gain new members per review by Division Chairs and the CCC Executive Board. New members can also join in the Club Coordination Council elections that take place at the Spring Club Information Meeting. Regardless, the members who will be in the CCC for a given year are elected by the club representatives attending the previous year's Spring CIM.

Academic Division

Interim Chair: Dylan Matthews


  • Michelle Arandia Beltran
  • Bella Gemignani
  • Pieter Heesters
  • Cameron Jones
  • Vince Stafford

Athletic Division

Chair: Julia Flood


  • Lucas Chalfoun
  • Abygail Dravis
  • Leo Hong
  • Audrey Keeley
  • Alex Reuter

Cultural Division

Chair: Alyssa Chin


  • Cecilia Cesa
  • Adrienne Chen

Performing Arts

Chair: Owen Roesch


  • Nick Bifone
  • Scarlett Chu
  • Ava DeCroix
  • Madison Denchfield

Social Service

Interim Chair: Eliana Sylva


  • Jillian Casey
  • Catherine Chung
  • Steven Conaway
  • Grace DeCroix

Special Interest

Chair: Eleanor Warren


  • Matthew Amante
  • Hunter Brooke
  • Rose Hewald
  • Wilson Murphy 
  • James Zhang