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The Club Coordination Council (CCC) is a Student Union organization responsible for recommending funding allocations for club funding, increasing awareness of club issues and activities, representing clubs to the Student Union, and coordinating cohesive club programming. We are comprised of club members who oversee and represent the recognized undergraduate student clubs at Notre Dame. We support our clubs' goals via networking, funding, and consulting. The CCC is part of the Student Union, the governing body of undergraduate students at Notre Dame.

CCC Now Online

The CCC has moved to fully-online meetings and office hours. Office Hours will now be held on Zoom.

Stay Safe!

The CCC is happy to help with any efforts and initiatives to foster club activities in a safe and healthy way!

Spring 2021 Timeline 

  • 3 February: Prospective Club Application opens.

  • 18 February: Prospective Club Application closes.

  • 22 February (Monday): Spring Club Information Meetings (CIMs) open. Winter Reallocations open (WRs are optional).

  • 11:00 PM 1 March (Monday): Spring CIMs close. Winter Reallocation budget sheets due (WRs are optional)!

  • 22 March: Spring Allocation Meetings (SAMs) open.

  • 29 March: SAM Check-ins are due.

  • 5 April: Club Award nominations are due.

  • 8 April: Spring Budget Sheets are Due.

  • 9 April: Division Meetings begin.

  • 13 April: Student Leadership Awards Night. CCC Club Awards are presented.

  • 27 April: Division Meetings end.

  • Late Summer 2021: CCC Allocations released

Bolded Dates and Events are mandatory for all clubs. Failure to attend may result in penalties as determined by the Club Coordination Council.