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Applications close on September 16th at 11:59 PM. Please write your e-mail for the question that asks for your email.



What is the weekly time commitment for the CCC?

The CCC has weekly meetings on Monday nights from 6:00-7:00 PM that all members are required to attend. The weekly time commitment will vary from week to week. During our "busy seasons" which happen during Winter Reallocations and Spring Allocations, CCC Division Representatives can expect to spend 2-3 hours a week working outside of our normal meeting times.

Which Division will I be placed on?

The CCC consists of 6 Divisions: Academic, Athletic, Cultural, Performing Arts, Social Service, and Special Interest. We will assign you to a Division based on which clubs you are an active member of and which Divisions are in need of new Representatives.

I am a first-year student and signed up for a bunch of clubs at Activities Night. Which clubs should I list on the application?

It's great if you signed up for 15 clubs that all sounded interesting to you! Since the clubs that you are an active member of will determine which CCC Divisions you are eligible to be placed on, please list the clubs that you think you will actually stick with and become an active member of.