The Club Coordination Council (CCC) is comprised of club members elected by their peers to oversee and represent all of the recognized undergraduate student clubs at Notre Dame.  The CCC is part of the Student Union, the governing body of undergraduate students at Notre Dame.

Our Mission
As the Club Coordination Council of Notre Dame, we strive to enable undergraduate clubs to achieve their objectives by

  • Connecting clubs and club officers to resources to host beneficial events for the Notre Dame community
  • Acting as a liaison between clubs and Student Affairs affiliates
  • Allocating annual funding, appeals funding, and concession stands fairly and according to club needs
  • Mentoring new clubs and new club leaders by assisting in their transition through Club Information Meetings and other advising opportunities

Timeline (2016-2017)
11/1: Fall Dues Deposited: All fall dues (for clubs collecting dues biannually) must be deposited by this date.
2/2-2/4: Club Information Meetings (CIMs): Club officers meet with the CCC to discuss pertinent information on the allocations process and the upcoming transition of club leadership.
3/1: Spring and Annual Dues Deposited: All spring and/or annual dues must be deposited by this date.
3/14-3/18: Budget Meetings: The week after Spring Break, club officers will attend presentations conducted by the CCC divisions to discuss the allocation process.
4/9: Budgets Due: All club budgets must be submitted to the CCC (along with advisor approval) by this date.
4/10-4/21: Individual Club Meetings: All clubs must meet with their respective divisions to review the proposed budgets. Whoever completed the budget spreadsheet is required to attend this meeting with at least one other club member who will be staying with the club next year.
6/1: Allocations Received: The funding allocated by the CCC will be deposited into clubs’ respective FOAPAL accounts on this date.


The Club Awards Banquet will be held in the Spring Semester.

2016-2017 Budgets will be due March 31, 2016 by 11:59pm. All budgets must be approved and sent from your advisor for Spring Allocation by this time.

Allocation Information

Click here to download the 2.0 Version of the 2016-2017 allocation spreadsheet.  (Updated 3/19/2016)

Some computers are having difficulties opening the spreadsheet in the proper format. Clubs should convert the excel sheet (posted above) to a google doc and share the google doc with your division's netID (found on the Contact Us Page). If you encounter errors in the spreadsheet, please email us and attach your spreadsheet so that we can assist.

Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation from the CCC allocation training sessions. (Updated 3/24/14)

All clubs regardless of funding need are REQUIRED to submit a spring budget.


If you do not attend a Club Information Meeting it will result in a 20% reduction in your spring allocation. 

If you miss a scheduled budget meeting with your division you will be penalized 10% from your allocation.

Missing any further meetings will result in an additional 5% reduction in allocation.

Any deadline violations will incur a 10% penalty in allocation.

Appeal Information (Updated 11/3/2014)

Click here to download the event evaluation form!

Clubs are required to fill out and return an event evaluation within 30 days of the event's completion if the event uses any appeal funds.